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May 25th, 2008

As a Language Arts/Media teacher my passion for technology and the integration into my classes has always been at the forefront of my lessons. Over the years I have taught IT classes, however my uptake in the 2.0 world took some time…..I am making up for it now! As an Elementary Technology Specialist for 08/09 year at Shanghai American School, “the future’s so bright….I gotta wear shades!” I am lucky to be in an environment where technology is utilized well and the network, staff and Admin are extremely supportive. My goal is to keep the enthusiasm and the network fluid and develop ideas that will not only support the Elementary staff but also empower them. I see this blog as a place for teachers to visit and feel comfortable to take ideas back into their classes around the world. Take what you can from this site! Enjoy.

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  1. Peggy Says:

    Hi, Mr. Power.
    I hope this comment comes out of moderation soon enough.

  2. kimbra power Says:

    Hi Simon
    That is a great photo. I would like you to post a blog showing people how to upload videos from youtube onto their blog please.

  3. Alia Says:

    Hi, Mr. Power.
    Come back. D:

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