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Final Summary for Leadership in EdTech course

February 26th, 2010

As part of the final paper for this course, we have been given the challenge of summarizing our final paper. A very hard task! In looking at the tools we have utilized, I tried to think of a tool I could use that hasn’t been covered, but one I find very useful for staff at our school……Camtasia. A great screen capture tool. One of many out there. It is quite expensive, and there are some other options such as Jing and Screenflow, however Camtasia would have to be the best one I have used…or perhaps I am just used to it. We use this regularly to help staff learn new tools or understand a process. This one goes for 3 mins…….probably the maximum amount you would want to do, as they can be VERY dry. I try to be as fast as possible when showing staff things like……how to shrink an image, or convert a file etc……enjoy!

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