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Mac and Me this week

October 9th, 2012

Please complete this Tech Survey for Shanghai American School

Cyberbullying Introduction and blog work.

Please watch the following video, once you have watched it, create a new blog post on your blog, titled “Cyberbullying” Embed the video, by following the instructions from your tech leader, and answer the questions under this video.

Use this link to get the embed code:

Do you know what these 4 words mean?

Write a definition for the following 4 words…

Harassing, Deceiving, Flaming, Hate Speech

Stacey’s Story

1. Why did the girls start to harass and threaten Stacey online in the first place?

2. When do you think the girls’ behavior “crossed the line”?

3. Stacey says, “People talk really big, when there’s, like, miles between you.” What do you think she means by this statement?

4. In what ways might the online context make the situation worse than if the bully had harassed Stacey offline?

5. Stacey’s mom says that Stacey should call the school and report the incidents. Stacey responds that it would “just make it worse.” Do you think this is true? Why or why not?

Once you have completed the 5 questions and definitions, revisit 12 Best Mac Lion tips and complete your previous blog post with your top 2 Lion Tech tips.

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