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Make room for Evernote!

March 27th, 2013

My notes have been all over the place for years. I write on “real” stickie notes with a “real” pen, I use “Notes” onmy iphone, I have stickies on my dashboard and I have the stickies app on my mac…..for a long time Evernote has been a cool tool to take a snapshot on the camera and wow people with the fact I could search my photos and type Schweppes and Evernote would be able to find the photo of the Soda Water can I took a photo of….But….I am really finally getting the power of Evernote and it’s ability to really streamline my life!

Evernote has so many parts to it, and of course at its most basic it is a place for you to write a note and add to it…where it goes from there is it’s cloud based and syncing to all my devices so I can add and delete those notes when necessary. I can add text, photos, sound, files (word docs etc), bookmarks, everything!

I can hear you saying…sure I know that…so? Evernote has a real space to grow in your classroom…..I see it as an amazing tool for portfolios in 4th and 5th grade classes especially. I see it as an amazing tool in High School for teachers to document lessons….screenshots, photos of the board/ smartboard. Middle School could really utilize this…teachers could document lessons, students could contribute to lessons, build and add documents. When making a Notebook Teachers can create links for students to these, allowing easy access. To get you thinking of its use in your classroom checkout how Kevin Buran is using it with his 6th grade classes.

Over the coming weeks prepare to see the power of Evernote and what it can do for you….I’ll look at its use by and for Educators throwing a personal mix in there too.

To get you started get an Evernote account Make sure you have the Web Clipper extension for your browser. Make sure you download the app for your computer and last but not least for your ipad/iphone/droid. Sign in to all of them and have a play this week. Create a few notes, take some photos and clip a webpage (like a bookmark). Let’s see where this can take us once you’re use to Evernote’s layout. Finally, checkout this short teaser to get you totally hooked, and taking it further than just photographs.

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