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May 27th, 2008

Standard B1 – Communicates accurately and effectively with students


1. Communicates clear instructions to student

2. Utilizes a variety of methods to communicate with students

3. Attempts to engage all students in discussion

4. Uses effective questioning and discussion techniques

Standard B2 -Defines learning expectations and provides timely evaluative feedback on student performance


1. Communicates learning expectations considering developmental needs

2. Provides timely feedback regarding student performance

Standard B3 -Uses appropriate assessment techniques to guide instruction


1. Communicates clearly assessment criteria to students

2. Monitors individual student and class progress

3. Uses the results of assessments to guide instruction

4. Guides all students in self- assessment

Standard B4 – Uses appropriate assessment techniques to measure and report student learning


1. Utilizes multiple sources of information to assess and report on student learning

2. Assesses students using SAS standards and benchmarks

3. Uses appropriate assessment tools

4. Uses appropriate assessment strategies for ESOL and AS students

5. Acknowledges achievement of student learning goals

6. Maintains accurate documentation

Standard B5 – Motivates and engages all students in meaningful learning and growth


1. Utilizes diverse instructional strategies and resources

5. Conveys enthusiasm for learning and teaching

2. Provides opportunities for higher level thinking skills

3. Provides opportunities for active engagement

4. Makes learning relevant in a variety of ways

  • Field trip s and authentic applications of content
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